About Us

Who We Are

We’re BAMI. Committed to providing the best , the most eco friendly materials, the most efficient logistics and the most creative products close to our lives for everyone.

  • Team Value

    Less is More:

    Talk Less, Do More

    Less boast could bring better product.

    Keep Positive:

    Everyone is their own hero.

    Everyone make the best choices for themself

    Create New Life: New choices for decoration, giving you a different home life.

  • To Customers

    Let customer build their own dream house is our ultimate goal.

    Maybe it is not the most expensive one, but it could be the warmest one for you and your family.

    Maybe having real marble or wooden floor cost a bit more than you can handle, but here we promise you:

    You can still have it with much lower cost.

    All by yourself.

  • Our Founder

    Zhongren Lee

    Work in China logistics SAAS service company as CIO from 2008 to 2015.

    This company was founded to provide technical services for thousands of logistics enterprises such as China Post and Japan tongben....the company was merged by Alibaba in 2015.

Our History

From 2016, BAMI was established to provide cross-border e-commerce digital supply chain services.

3 years later, our first online selling project lanuched, till now, BAMI had already help customers from 50+ countries to buy high quality products.

  • Flooring

    Self-adhesive design: High-quality eco-friendly paper-based.

    Waterproof anti-fouling: The surface is covered with PVC film, which is waterproof, oil-proof and is easy to clean.

    Widely used: it can be used to decorate the living room, bedroom, restaurant and other grounds or walls.

    Thick wear-resistant: surface UV treatment, thickening process,durable.

  • Wallpaper

    Three-dimensional decorative soft foam, anti-collision child, care your family safe.

    Safety and environmental protection, non-toxic odor-free, suitable for family safe home space.

    Lifelike, natural brick pattern effect, simple and modern style.

    Free DIY, easy self-adhesive design, installation, casual collage, arbitrarily cut.

  • Decoration

    This is self-adhesive, and the protective paper can be attached directly after tearing off the back. Very convenient.

    Extremely lightweight for enhanced operation safety, no hurt your delicate skin, easy to install on your own.

    High-precision image output, high-quality graphic design and high standard visual effect can make you enjoy a different life.


Easy to COllaberate, ECOnomical, ECOlogical

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