Installation Instruction -- Wallpaper

1.First Step, Clean up.

Before installation, the very first thing we gonna to do is to Clean up the area the wallpaper gonna to place.

Make sure the area is not wet, covered by dust or all diffent kind of dirt, this will weaken the adhesive and reduce the service life.


2.Second Step, Get your tools.

This tool will be really simple, a tape measure used for measurements, a clip board used for flaten the area, and a cutting tool -- A Sissor, an Ultility Knife..... as long as its sharp enough to cut.



This part for roll type wallpaper

To install Wallpaper, you need to take your measurement first, estimate how long you gonna to use for your wall.

After doing this, make sure the top of your wallpaper had a straight edge and rectangle corner, peel a little bit, then place them onto the wall carefully.


You can easily do some adjustment in this phase, make sure everything works perfect.

Peel the protection off and stick the wallpaper on to the wall slowly. Using the clip board to scrape the area while you are doing so, this will get rid off the air bubble between the wallpaper and your wall, if you can't scrape the bubble, just use your sissor or knife cut a tiny little crack on to that bubble, then using scaper to eliminate this bubble forever.

Till the bottom of the wall, cut your wallpaper to make a finish, then cut it once again to regain a straight edge and rectangle corner to move foward

Repeat the step, you will get a wonderful wall by your own hand.


If you are still confusing, here's a vedio for teaching you how to install wallpaper in roll.


For Wall Stickers

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